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Snapchat- Another Social Media Platform Where You Should Be Present On

Snapchat founded in 2011, developed by Snap Inc. is a social media platform. Businesses, brands, and influencers are now turning to Snapchat to reach out to a wider audience. Now the question is why should you do the same? Your business is already present on numerous other platforms. You have established a large audience on Facebook and Instagram. Why add one more to the list? Why should you spend precious time, effort, and money on this platform?

To answer these questions, let’s understand why this platform is important. Snapchat consistently remains one of the top 15 social media platforms. As of January 2020, it prides in having 218 million daily users. People spend the largest ever time on social media, in the last few months. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect an increase in Snapchat users. A user is estimated to spend 30 minutes on average every day on the platform.

However, the question remains. Why Snapchat? Other forms of social media have an even wider audience. What makes Snapchat ideal is that for you is that one-third of snappers are not present on Instagram. Many of them are not present on other social media platforms as well. Many businesses find it difficult to reach the young generation via Instagram, Facebook, or other media. You won’t face this issue if you establish your presence on Snapchat. 82% of Snapchat users are 35 or below making the platform ideal to target them.

You will have to present your brand picture perfect on other platforms. However, Snapchat doesn’t require you to do that. You can present your real authentic side here. You can give your audience a sneak peek into how your business runs. This helps get better connected to your audience.

Now you know why you should use this platform to reach your target audience. Sadly, this knowledge is not enough. The most important question is how to reach them. How to convert a snapper to your follower and finally a loyal customer. There are many ways to do that. You can promote your Snapchat account on other social media platforms. You can easily generate a QR code using Snapchat and share it with people. You can add the link to your Snapchat profile on your website and at the end of your blog post. However, these organic methods are time-consuming. If you need a quick solution, you can opt for a shortcut.

Many businesses tend to buy Snapchat followers to easily reach a few hundred or thousand followers. There are various companies which offer you this service for a few dollars. The biggest advantage this method offers you is that it will accelerate your organic growth. A user is more likely to follow you when he sees you already have a huge following. The followers you buy are not inactive users or bots. Most companies offering this service advertise your profile among a large pool of people. Some of them who are genuinely interested in your work might start following you. This means people whom you buy are interested in you and will engage actively with your content.

You can choose to buy Snapchat followers or reach them via organic strategies. You need to make an informed decision based on your brand values, budget, and requirements.

Therefore, shift your focus towards Snapchat to take your business to the next level.

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